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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Apple and a Worm & Japenese Food Cutting sets.

1. "An apple and a worm"

Improve kids age 1-3yo Hands and Eyes coordination.

Kids need to put the worm inside the hole.

And find which hole would the worm go.

They can play until the lace that holding the worm reached its end condition.

Then,the kids needs to redo this action in order to let the worm out from the apple.

It really need focus in order to do all the in-out action.

Apple and a worm


2. Japenese Food Cutting Sets.

4 Kinds of Japenese food included.
First,rolled the sushi for mommy plz..

Second: Cut the Hotdog.

Third : Cut the Raw Fish

Fourth Cut the Sushi pula.

Interesting games that required hand and eyes coordination.

Hand Co ordination : One hand need to Hold the cutter,while the other hand need to hold the food.

Eyes co-ordination : Need to be Carefull so that cutter will not cut the hands, and properly cut the foods until it is separated.

Price RM30/Per Box.

PROMOTION : Buy Both sets of

1. Apple with a worm

2. Japenese food cutting sets.

You just need to add RM6 postage for Poslaju

(Original price is RM9)

Save RM3.

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