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Monday, March 14, 2011

1001 Blocks

Ini post mencelah..
Saya pernah cerita Mia suka sangat susun blocks.
Sangat2 suka..
Sampai melangit dia susun..
Jangan jatuh kena batang hidung cukup.heheh
Those yang berminat to purchase the blocks as above..
New stocks dah arrive yesterday
1. Sun and Moon
2. The hero saves a beauty
3. Castle of Dream.
Do email me at
New stocks for below items pun dah sampai.
1. 123 Train
2. Alphabets Train
3. Hexahandral Puzzles
4.Mix Puzzles
5. Cutting sets
6. Button and Lace
I already emailed those yang dah booked those items today.
I will booked these items only until tomorrow.
If no confirmation made, i will open for others ok.
Kindly check your email.

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