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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Build and Play IQ puzzle games (3+)

IQ puzzle games for your toddler.

At the age of 3+, parents should introduce kids to play 1Q puzzle game.

It is really good to enhance their thinking skills and build their confident to play.

Build and Play.

For 3+ and up to 6 years old toddler can play this puzzle.

In the box includes with manual books,

3 pieces of wooden plate andnd also 6 cubes of blocks.

How to play..

The manual book will have 3 difficulty level.

Level 1 will use the 2x2 cubes (small plate)

Level 2 will use 3x2 cubes (medium plate)

Level 3 will use 4x2 cubes (large plate)

Each page from the manual book will have an image for the kids to follow.They just need to arrange the cubes based on the picture.

They will build tree, rabbit,bird,house or even cloud.

And guess what there are over 100 images in the book for your kids to build.

Parents who want to improve their kids IQ can take advantage of this puzzle.Let them exercises and improve memory and rational thinking, which in turn can strengthen mental abilities and build their IQ score.
Snap Blocks Iq puzzle


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