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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Road Blocks (6+)

Road Blocks Puzzle.

Level Difficulty : Starter, Junior, Expert and Master.

60 challenges with one rules:

Block the red car escapes route.
Dont let the thief's car run away!

Step 1:Position the red car and the bulding pieces based on the layout shown on the card.

Those pieces are FIX.(You cannot move them at all during the challenge

Carefully position the 6pieces police car on the game board .
Block the red car so it cannot escape from the police.

You have to place all the 6 police car pieces on the gameboard,eventhough some of them are not needed to block the red car.

Some police car pieces will only work in certain areas on the gameboard.

Meanwhile some areas on the gameboard have space for one or two specific pieces.

Look carefully at the challenge and search for the weakest link.

Last police car pieces had complete the puzzles.

RoadBlock is a game of Logic.

You need to think trough your game play before you make a move.

Then you will be ble to crack the challenge much more quickly than if you rush to place the pieces on the gameboard.

The solutions for every challenge is included.

Price is RM35

Postage RM7

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