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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Catterpillar and Numbers (2+)

Our new edition toys.

Catterpillar and Number.

One more educational toys to teach and to introduce your kids with the numbers 1-10

Kids need to arrange the catterpillar body from 1-10.

The body will not fit if the position of the number is wrong.

At the side of the surface there are dots to represent the numbers.
Kids can count and know the numbers with the dots.

RM25 /sets

Add RM6 postage.


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Pound and Roll (2+)

Pound and Roll

Where the kis will having fun pounding the balls into the hole.

And watch the balls rolls and slide down.

Hammer ,balls and the table are all mades from good quality wood.

And the paints are from food coloring.

Improved hand and eyes co ordination.


Postage RM6

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Road Blocks (6+)

Road Blocks Puzzle.

Level Difficulty : Starter, Junior, Expert and Master.

60 challenges with one rules:

Block the red car escapes route.
Dont let the thief's car run away!

Step 1:Position the red car and the bulding pieces based on the layout shown on the card.

Those pieces are FIX.(You cannot move them at all during the challenge

Carefully position the 6pieces police car on the game board .
Block the red car so it cannot escape from the police.

You have to place all the 6 police car pieces on the gameboard,eventhough some of them are not needed to block the red car.

Some police car pieces will only work in certain areas on the gameboard.

Meanwhile some areas on the gameboard have space for one or two specific pieces.

Look carefully at the challenge and search for the weakest link.

Last police car pieces had complete the puzzles.

RoadBlock is a game of Logic.

You need to think trough your game play before you make a move.

Then you will be ble to crack the challenge much more quickly than if you rush to place the pieces on the gameboard.

The solutions for every challenge is included.

Price is RM35

Postage RM7

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Pipe Link

Another new connecting Toys in smart-intelligent-toys now.

"Pipe Link"

For toddler age 18m+ Colorful and interesting shapes

They can connect and build in wateva model that they like

Children in this group age are more adventures and independent. They learn best by trying things out for themselves. So just lets your kids freely connect and build the pipes in whateva shapes they have in mind. 1. Improve their hand-eyes co ordination 2.Build a creative mind in order to connect the shape. 3.Develop kids creative mind.
The pipes have two end condition.One bigger and one smaller. So the kids need to think how to connect the pipe. They need to connect the small end condition with the bigger end condition. So they will learn about logic size and shapes too.

RM23 /sets Add rm6 for postage.

Others connecting Toys that currently available are

1. Animal connects RM20 2.Beads and Lace RM25 3.Button and Lace RM20 4.Creative blocks RM25 5. Screw and Nuts RM20

Postage fees for connectong Toys :

1. 1 items RM6 2. Buy 2 items RM8 3. Buy 3 Items RM10 4. Buy 4 Items RM12 5. Buy 5 items RM14 6. Buy 6 items (all range) RM16 ..(And you will be entitle for Free Gift worth RM10)

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Camouflage (5+)

Camouflage puzzle for kids age 5+

Very interesting game for your kids to try out.

Improve their thinking skills and IQ development.

Total of 48 challenges .

4 Level of Difficulty.

This set include of

1.1 booklet of manual books.

2. 48pcs of hard cover picture.

3. One blue box to place the picture card

4.6 pcs of puzzles.

You can manualy change the picture,once your kids manage to complete the first puzzle.
The instructions are very simple.

1. Fish must be in the water.

2. Bear bear must be in the snow.

3. Fish and bear bear cannot overlap with the fisherman and the hunter.

Example Challenge 1

Kids need to fill up the green line box first.

For this challenge there are two lines box in the picture.


Bear bear=snow

Sometimes the shape of puzzle is fit with the line, But the kids still need to make sure that fish should be placed at the water and bear2 at the snow.

Then they can proceed to complete the puzzles.

The third puzzle is done.

4th puzzle

5th Puzzle
Done..complete the picture.

So can proceed to more difficult challenge by switching the picture.

Very2 nice and interesting game.



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Wooden Work Bench (3+ Toddler)

Wooden Work Bench :Is your child's first tool set with some fun projects to make.

This kids carpenter toy set comes with all the necessary tools to get the builders ecperience. Your children will have fun playing with the toy hammer,screwdriver,nuts,bolt,connectors and wooden pegs. This toy tool and workbench playset is a fun and exciting construction theme pretend play.
Skills : Pretend Play, Imagination and Manipulative Skills

If your kids smart enough,they even can build their own robot, car ,dog and etc.

All together 60 pcs of toys set.

Ready stocks now.


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Rotate to match blocks (12+month old toddler)

New toys for 12+ month old baby.

'Rotate to match Blocks'

Each shapes fits in a precise location,

and the baby may have to rotate the blocks pieces in the slots.

As they rotate or flip the blocks to make it fit in the puzzle,they will be forced to think in 3 dimensions.They will have to think outside their concrete toughts.(what they can see right now) and consider abstract thought (whether the puzzle will fit if they rotate it)

Good quality wooden blocks.

Of course comes with colorful blocks.

Skills : Problem solving,Manipulating Skills,Colors and Thinking skills
Improve their hands and eyes co-ordination as well

Ready stocks.



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