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Monday, April 4, 2011

100 Colorful Wooden Blocks

Stacking toys are among the most popular baby and toddler activity products for their learning value.

When your child tries to stack colorful blocks with varius of shapes, she makes all these stacking toys work for her growth.

Our new edition of Smart-Intelligent-Toys

100 Pieces of Colorful Blocks.

Out for grab Now!

Toy blocks are excellent in helping your child learn the necessary physical and mental skills that will help him or her through out their lives. Kids love to play and pretend at the same time and playing with wooden blocks can also help in math skills.

Test your child with a specific building task - This set comes with a booklet of design and structure for your kid to build Carefully balancing one block on top of another (and knocking down, of course) is a toddler tradition. It's also a fantastic way for your child to use her ever-more-nimble fingers and to work on sorting and building skills.
To make these architectural pursuits even more intriguing, This items let your child experiment with blocks of different sizes, shapes, and colors, for building and manipulating.

Stacking toys bring lots of educational fun for your baby or toddler and refine the small motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. Beside manipulative benefits, stacking toys help your child to recognize shapes, colors and sizes. So, let’s stack, nest and have fun!

Price RM95

Weight 3kg

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