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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Camouflage (5+)

Camouflage puzzle for kids age 5+

Very interesting game for your kids to try out.

Improve their thinking skills and IQ development.

Total of 48 challenges .

4 Level of Difficulty.

This set include of

1.1 booklet of manual books.

2. 48pcs of hard cover picture.

3. One blue box to place the picture card

4.6 pcs of puzzles.

You can manualy change the picture,once your kids manage to complete the first puzzle.
The instructions are very simple.

1. Fish must be in the water.

2. Bear bear must be in the snow.

3. Fish and bear bear cannot overlap with the fisherman and the hunter.

Example Challenge 1

Kids need to fill up the green line box first.

For this challenge there are two lines box in the picture.


Bear bear=snow

Sometimes the shape of puzzle is fit with the line, But the kids still need to make sure that fish should be placed at the water and bear2 at the snow.

Then they can proceed to complete the puzzles.

The third puzzle is done.

4th puzzle

5th Puzzle
Done..complete the picture.

So can proceed to more difficult challenge by switching the picture.

Very2 nice and interesting game.



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