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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Puzzle Blocks (3+)

Puzzle blocks wooden toys for Kids age 3+

1 sets consist of
1. The blocks shapes (The colorful one)
2. The blocks base (The black +brown)
3. Storing bag.

How to play?

1. Arrange the blocks base in any orders that you like.

2. Ask your kids to fill up the blocks shapes into the blocks base.

The bag for easy storing.

Colorful and various of shape too.

Mix shapes actullay (Animals +shapes+building+cars+tree and etc)

At the back of the base blocks, there are word too for spelling lesson.

Once you kids master the first part of the game.

You can turn the base (spelling) and ask you kids to match with the blocks shape.

2+1 games..

Very nice and very smart toys.


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