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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Educational toys Part3

Masyukkkk dah kan?heheh
Jom jom jalan2 tengok puzzles

1. Baby Puzzle.
Age 12+month
Haaaa..Ini lah dia baby puzzle yang saya dok cakapkan semalam.
Specially for 12+month.
Saya tengok cam Lady Bird, tapi kat box tu cakap turtoisse.
Tanya Mia..Mia cakap turtle.
So jom namakan puzzle ni Baby Turtoisse Puzzle.
Ada 4 ekor semua dalam satu box.

Each turles represents one Number

Contohnya macam Turtle#1.
So ada satu slot..and satu hole.

And the rest follow la..
Turtle#2 ada 2 slots untuk di masukkan ke dalam 2 holes
Turtle #3 (3 slots and 3 holes)
Turtle #4 (4 slots and 4 holes)
So consider kids pun boleh learn skali about number jugalah by playing this baby puzzle.

Tengok aksi Mak encek yang tgh main sambil terkankang

Ini standard ye..Bagi lah apa2 kat Mia ni..
Semuanya dia leh boleh buat stacking stackin.
Agaknya Mia besar nanti leh jadi architek kan.
Suka betul design bangunan.
Oppssss..its totally not edible ya..
But its a safe toys with the MC logo.
2. Number Train Block

Just connect all the block number together and it will transform as a long train.
Boleh juga dimainkan as a singgle train.
hehehe..kalau dah malas nak connect so leh la main je
Easy and fun way to teach the kids about Number
3. Alphabet Train
Age 3+

Sama juga macam Number Train tu..just lagi panjang la..
Number train ada 10+1 je block
Alphabet Train ada 26+1 block.
4. 123 Puzzles
Age 2+

5. Mix Puzzles (Food,Animals and Fruit)
Age 2+

Menarikkannn semua2 puzzles kat atas ni..So if interested, just email me at

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  1. i nak order tp nak jumpa u terus ambik boleY??? hehehe

  2. salam..i nak beli 5. Mix Puzzles (Food,Animals and Fruit)
    Age 2+

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