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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toys for sale Part 1

I just love to play puzzle with Mia..beside it is fun to play with..
The Children can learn also: -Logic Thought -Brains exploitation -Hand & eye coordination .
Macam susah nak carik puzzle yang suit with children age 2-4 kan.
Yang selalu jumpa macam susah gila nak buat.

So taraaa...i got these two sets from a dealer.

Due to i can get a cheaper price for both of these puzzle..
Nak la try online market ni kan..
So here u are..

1. Changing bears

2. Hexahedral puzzle

Ni lah dia rupa changing bears ni.

Banyak keluar dalam CD Baby Einstein and Brainy baby.

The children need to pair up the bear bear head-tops-pants

In the box ada 6+1 "persalinan" for the bear bear.

Beside the children have to think the positions of head-upper body-lower body.
The children can learn about the color also.They need to pairs matching color of the shirt and the pants.

Complete with wooden box skali.

Second items is this Hexahedral blocks ni.
Ada 6 types of picture that children can try to match with.

Besides they can play as a puzzle..a creative baby can make it as a blocks also.


Because it made from a boleh lah di susun macam block..

Complete puzzle will be like this..

You can try 6 pictures from it.

Taraaaa..a 3D puzzle..Nice kan..

Sangat2 best..

Mia yang first time try pun...focus betul dia main..

Siap saya suap semangkuk nasi habisss..hehehe..


Veryy very cheapp..
Tak jumpa harga macam ni kat luar sana..hehehe..
Kalau jumpa ..sila buat tak tahu plz..wakaka..

Each puzzle only RM15.50 sahaja..

I repeat RM15.50.

If you buy both items..i will give you free postage..

Try lah..I can assure you it is fun to try with you kiddies..

And they will learn sumtin out of the game..

To order just email to me

There will be more educational to stay tune ..

Saja saja..sebab saya sangat suka kat educational toys..

So apa salahnya share with other mommies as well..


  1. sangat menarik...terus ku email utk order..eceh..

  2. a'ahh..nak jugaklah..
    bila yg part tu pnye sale pulak..nk tgk ape toys lg ade.. :)

  3. apasah..i dah received your order..thanks

  4. zeta..part 2 tungguu ye.sbb i kena tgk i bagi Mia main dulu..kalau dia suka baru i jual kat sini..kalau dia bolayan..i takmo la..heheh..anyway if u nak these 2 me ok..harini juga saya post..ekekek

  5. wah, suka2.. i nak jugak
    sat g i email k.. thanks for sharing :)

  6. mommy ok..nanti i give u details etc..thanks agan

  7. mama mia, the puzzle looks nice indeed! but i prefer kalo kaler tu striking sikit. pls come out with more toys after this! =)

  8. ehhh puzzle blocks tu dulu kecik2 i suka main. macam best ja!

  9. nak.....nak....kyra nak...hehehe! i dah email u :)

  10. nak jugakla..nnti huda emel details nye :)

  11. salam... saya nak order yang nie.. please email me the details... terima kasih