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Monday, March 14, 2011

House / Barn Puzzle

New puzzle in the house..
I called it a house puzzle..heheh (sukasuki)
Ada 5 sets je..satu Mia dah buka..Left 4 units for grab..
Jom cekidout.

This puzzle consist of 8 wooden board..
And 10 wooden animals + 1 tree + 1 Girls +1 tractor

Kids need to match all the wooden board into each board slots.
Half complete house

Nice house..
Kids can assemble and dissemble the blocks ..
They also can pretend-play with the animals-tree-girls and the tracktor.
Can arrange sesuka hati..

Or turn the house into a barn..
where they can put the animals inside it..
hehehe..nice kan..
Price ?
very very cheap..
Postage RM6
Total is rm35
Or you can add on with these mix puzzles.
And just add another RM4 for postage.
As usual ,if interested..just email me at

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