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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Siapa cepat dia dapat

Di sebabkan ramai lagi yang request nak Changing bear tu..
Supplier baru je bagitahu ada similar toys yang baru masuk.
Instead of singgle bear ada 3 bear2 yang kita leh tukar2 puzzle dia..
Tapi stock very2 the limited gitu..
Ada 10 sets already sold 5..
So first five yang email saya..can own this Family Changing Bear ni.
Price dia mahal sket la..
Singgle bear bear hari RM15.50 kan..
Sebab ada 3 bear2 haruslah tambah sket..sket je..not even double the price pun
If you take both Family Changing Bear2 together with Hexa puzzle.
I will give another 50cent discount.
Plus with free postage.
Total is RM42.
So berbaloi2..
Email me for details

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