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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Color Memory Kit (3+)

Color Memory Kit
One complete set consist of
Shape Foam
Magnetic Board
Question cards
Right Brain coordination.
Kids need to use their imagination to create an image from an image.
1.Knowing the basic shapes
2.Combining the Geometric Figures
3.Forming the images
Left side : Question card
Right side : Kid need to stick the foam based on the right colors and shape
The process of remembering the geometric puzzles will lead children to learn the different combination of shapes and figures.

This will enhance their imaginative,creativity,photographic memory, and fine motor skills as well as color cognition

More than 100 images to be solve inside the box.
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Wooden Puzzle (18+)

Shoe Puzzle
Train Puzzle
Traffix Puzzle
123 Puzzle
Mix Puzzle (Food,Fruit,Animal)
Mix and Match puzzle
Dont we parents love this wooden puzzle.
Each for RM19
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Color Letter Beads (3+)

Color Letter Beads
Material : Wood
A lacing toys for boy and girl.
Enable children to worn on sorting,matching and spelling
They can be so creative playing with the letter.
Pretend play is so much fun
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Color Number Beads (3+)

Color number beads
For 3+ toddler
Quantity 54 pcs
A lacing game for boy and girl.
3sets of number 0-9
and 5 pcs of laces
Enable children to work on counting,sorting and matching skills
enable children to work on counting, sorting and matching skills.
Encourage hand and eyes coordination
Stimulate manuipulation skills
Also come with COLOR LETTER BEADS as well
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Hammer and Pegs (1+)

Hammer and Pegs
Material : Wood
Bright colors from wooden blocks will surely attract the baby attention
Improve baby thinking skill in order to detemine which pegs below to which holes
Knoking all the pegs with the hammer will improve baby hand and eyes coordination.
And the sound made from the hammer will make them think about act and the consequences.
Act: Knoking the pegs
Consequences: Loud sound
Not only knocking function, this toys can also be dissamble and assembly by the kids.
The screw tread and the screw hole.
Such a nice gift to our precious one.
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Bead and Rack (1+)

Bead and Rack
Material : Wood and Meta
Let the liltle finger playing with the bead.
Introduce them with colors and shapes
Improve hand and eyes coordinaation
Add RM9 for postage
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