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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hen Find Egg (5+)

New IQ Puzzle games series in da house.

"Hen find eggs"

For kids agee 5-99years old.

Dah jadi atok pun boleh main game ni lagi.

The rule is simple.

The hen must be nesting the egg.

And not the other way around.

The advantages of the games listed from the above picture.

This sets includes of

1. Upper side : located 5 pieces of puzzle. 4 pcs got hens and the other 1 are empty puzzle

2. Lower side : where you place the board card (48 cards available)

3. 48 question card (positions of the eggs that required the hen to nest it)

Your kids need to SHUFFLE the hens around the board until there is one hen nesting on each eggs.

Interesting and very chalengging.


Add RM6 for postage.


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