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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Apple and a Worm & Japenese Food Cutting sets.

1. "An apple and a worm"

Improve kids age 1-3yo Hands and Eyes coordination.

Kids need to put the worm inside the hole.

And find which hole would the worm go.

They can play until the lace that holding the worm reached its end condition.

Then,the kids needs to redo this action in order to let the worm out from the apple.

It really need focus in order to do all the in-out action.

Apple and a worm


2. Japenese Food Cutting Sets.

4 Kinds of Japenese food included.
First,rolled the sushi for mommy plz..

Second: Cut the Hotdog.

Third : Cut the Raw Fish

Fourth Cut the Sushi pula.

Interesting games that required hand and eyes coordination.

Hand Co ordination : One hand need to Hold the cutter,while the other hand need to hold the food.

Eyes co-ordination : Need to be Carefull so that cutter will not cut the hands, and properly cut the foods until it is separated.

Price RM30/Per Box.

PROMOTION : Buy Both sets of

1. Apple with a worm

2. Japenese food cutting sets.

You just need to add RM6 postage for Poslaju

(Original price is RM9)

Save RM3.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alphabet Blocks

She just loves to arrange stuff.
Whether in vertical or horizantal directions.
Improves her hand hand co ordination by doing this.

At the same time..she will be learn the alphabet order .
She can identify the objects shapes and colors too.

Thank you to all our smart-intelligent-Toys customer.
Super nice.
You can teach your kids about simple spelling and stuff.

They can learn and in the same time they can have fun playing with the blocks too.

RM40 per set.
Each set includes the wooden tray for easy storing.

This items now is currently open for pre-order.
Ready stocks are Out of Stocks..
Sold withing 5 hours.
So email us for details.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick Mind

One more new puzzle blocks in the house... TRY TO YOUR QUICK MIND. For toddler age 3-8 years old.

This games use a cube cut into different shape. Besides the normal plane collocation,kids can make out all kinds of other figures. This can imprved kid's concept of colors, figures, logic and mathematics as well. Colorful and original pictures are included. Kids can use use them to build up more than 125 kinds of permutation and combination.

How to Play? Start with a beginner stage ok.. Nampak tak kat booklet tu ada number 1-10. Each number ada several shapes kan. Each number ni represent tahan kesusahan dia. For example No.1 kat dalam gambar atas ni.Ada 4 shapes. Parents kena pass the shapes to the kids and ask them to arrange the block based on the choosen images. They need to build the body of the choo-choo train ni guna the selected blocks. Almost complete
Taraaaaaa...dah leh main choo choo train.. Then bila dah pass No.1..they can proceed with no.2 and so on
More examples on this xmas tree..kan ada stage 1-10 kan.. so let start with blocks at stage no.1
Macam2 gaya leh susun..see ini gaya yang salah.. Tengok last block tu tak match dah kat dalam gambar pokok xmas tu.
Each question ada answer di belakang..Malu lah kalau anak takleh buat..parents leh check answer kat belakang kan..hehehe
Junior level pula..they can try to build 3x3 cube pula.. Pun sama ada stage 1-10.. Kena guna the given blocks on each stage to complete the cube

Haahhhh..amik ko..susah tak susah..
Master level pula kena design this 4x4 cube.. susah wei..mak pun kena fikir lama untuk solve the kan cube ni.. nampak sangat IQ sedikit rendah..
Ini lah rupanya.. So to cut it short..this block puzzle is very good for your kids ya. The imaginative in order to think how to arrange the block ni..will surely improve their connecting tots itu.. Tak perlu beli susu mahal2... hehe,..

Promotional Price RM35

Email me at for details matter.

Shishida Method

Basically satu sets photographic memory ni ada ada total of 3 books.
Each book ada 5 question.
And each question ada 6-7 activities..
So total ada 3x5x6= more than 90 activities
For example dalam Book 1..
Question 1

1st Activities in Question 1 (Photo memory)
Memula kita tunjuk gambar ni kat our kids for 8sec..
Masa tunjuk tu maybe we can explain on how many dogs ..etc.
syaratnya mesti less than 8sec

Then we passed them this empty magnetic card.

And also the magnetic dog image ni..
And asked the kids to stick these dog kat empty magnetic card tadi.

Macam ni lah if the kids dapat stickkan dengan betul..
If them a hug and say good job.
If not..leh cakap nice try and try again..etc etc..
2nd Activities in Question 1 (Color memory)
same method..
first, we show the kids these colorful picture of fishy

Within 8 sec os less..sorokkan gambar tadi.
And asked the kids to place this magnetic fishy at the empty magnetic card.

3rd Activities in Question 1 (space memory)
Tunjukkan 4 boxes yang filled with foods to them.
Them within 8 them the empty card..and the magnetic foods..
And asked them to place the foods at the related space.
4th Activities in Question 1 (Instand Memory)
Tunjuk 3 ekor bear2 ni..
then pass them the empty magnetic card..and asked them to stick the correct bear2 based on their memory.

5th Activities in Question 1 (Block memory)

Within 8sec the kids need to place the obeject in each blocks.

After done with all 5 activities in Question 1..
Baru lah proceed with Question 2~5.
Then baru moved to Book 2 and Book 3 pula..
Tu je lah about this shihida method on Photografic Memory.
The advantages pasal this kind of method is it will train the toddler to use their left brain to think.
You can do the google your self.
Price for the whole sets are RM145.
Berminat do contact me at my email ok

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

House/Barn Puzzle (SOLD OUT!)

Dah sold out..tulah sape soh lambat booked..heheh
Takpe2..u still can placed an order for this item.
Will be restock soon.
Pre order just email me at

Monday, March 14, 2011

House / Barn Puzzle

New puzzle in the house..
I called it a house puzzle..heheh (sukasuki)
Ada 5 sets je..satu Mia dah buka..Left 4 units for grab..
Jom cekidout.

This puzzle consist of 8 wooden board..
And 10 wooden animals + 1 tree + 1 Girls +1 tractor

Kids need to match all the wooden board into each board slots.
Half complete house

Nice house..
Kids can assemble and dissemble the blocks ..
They also can pretend-play with the animals-tree-girls and the tracktor.
Can arrange sesuka hati..

Or turn the house into a barn..
where they can put the animals inside it..
hehehe..nice kan..
Price ?
very very cheap..
Postage RM6
Total is rm35
Or you can add on with these mix puzzles.
And just add another RM4 for postage.
As usual ,if interested..just email me at