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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wooden Bowling (3+)

Wooden Bowling

Box Size: ~ 16cm x 6.5cm x 13 cm

All items made from colorful wood.

Lets have fun with the "In house Bowling"...

Very safe and interesting toys for your kids which is very good for hand coordination and direction determination.

Arrange the cute cats in any position.
And ask the kids to drop all of the cats in one bowl.


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Little Truck (3+)

Little Truck tools set for the young carpentar.

Develop the designer and the builder interest in your kids.

Complete with screwdriver to assemble the bolt, nuts and also the connectors.

Such a fun project to play with your boys.

Dis-assemble one by one all the pieces.

Exciting construction theme pretend play.

Your kids will develop :Imagination and Manipulative skills.

The detailing of the nuts,bolt and the connector is like real part.

Only made from wood.

Even the tyres is not fix.

Dissamble everything and try to reassamble it back.

Need focus and a good hand and eyes coordination in order to complete the trucks.

Good quality colorful wooden toys.


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Wooden cube train (2+)

Wooden cube train.

Train you kids about logic thinking.

Match the blocks in a particular order.

They can learn about colors and shape.

And also Hand and eyes co ordination.

3 Coaches Train with full passengers on.

Complete with attachable magnet.

Colorful and various shape of block.

Kids need to match all the blocks in order to complete the choo choo train.

Coaches will passengers.

Complete disassemble blocks.

Now ask your kids to re-assemble it back.

Or just stack the blocks individually.

Up to your kids creativity, build and design is so much fun!

Nice colorful wooden quality.


Add RM6 for postage.


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