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Some of the toys/puzzles are ready stocks..and some of them are out of stocks.

If you are willing to wait, just email me for pre-order.

Iam a mother too,so i can ensure you that all toys in here are a fun,smart and safe toys.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Educational Toys Part 4

*Sticky Post until Part 5
Update on Part 3
1. Baby Turtoisse SOLD OUT
2. 123 Train SOLD OUT
3. Alphabet Train SOLD OUT.
* Dah order for once parts ETA..will update it in here.
You can refer to previous post for the list of educational items available for preorder
So for today..
Theres NEW 2 items..
As usual..stocks are very limited ok.
To order just email me at

1. Cutting sets ( Fruits and Breads)
Age 1+
Weight 500g
Slice and see is a vivid image of an "Everybody" game simulation of bread, fruits, vegetables to a baby in the game to experience life's basic elements. The aim of education : Let your baby on bread, fruit, vegetables, knives is a perceptual awareness, training baby finger flexibility; Babies training in the correct posture to use a knife, training baby's hand-eye coordination; Accurate use of wood Jackknife things, the concept of sub-culture baby, this product will be made high baby unlimited exploration of life's interest

2. Hammer and pegs
Age 2+
Weight : 350g

Baby can learn about colors;
Exercises the skill of flexibility, both hands coordination ability;
Trains baby's hand eye coordination ability.
To guides the child to use right-hand.
Childrens always likes to do knocking knocks with everything, this lets him knock all the way! Finally the child has learned the identification color naturally! This game suits you and the child plays together, increases the parentage.

3. Mix Puzzles (From Part 3)
(Fruits,Animal and Food)
Age 2+

4. 123 Puzzles (From Part 3)
Age 2+
Weight : 380g

You can Mix and Match ye to get a free 500g postage.
Seriyes i takleh nak buat free postage untuk semua berat dah.
Ada tu postage sampai berbelas2 ringgit.
If you take 2 items..
You will get free postage on the first 500g ya..
Worth RM6..
After than you need to add another rm1 for another 100g.
Do email me for details at

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update on Part3

Educational Toys Part3 as mentioned in previous post..

1. Baby Turtoisse Puzzle SOLD OUT
2. Alphabets Train SOLD OUT
3. 123-Train 1 more stock left
4. Mix Puzzle 1 more stock left
5. 123 Puzzle 2 more stock left.

Those yang dah email for baby puzzle and alphabets puzzle..i will take it as a pre order ya..
Nanti stock baru sampai..i will email you guys personally before i update kat blog..

To purchase just email me at

p/s Nurul and June tak sempat nak reply your me for details ok..

Seronok pula bizness macam ni..tapi untung mmg ciput gila..
Tadi i post barang ni..happy sbb bila kira2 untung dapat dalam rm15..hahah..tetiba postage dah rm12..wahh..untung rm3 je..duit minyak pun tak lepas tau nak drive dari UKM Komuter ke Poslaju tu..tapi saya puas hati sbb ..hurmm ..sbb apa eh saya puas hati?..sbb saya puas hati lahh..full stop..hahah..

Ok nak sambung study..dari tadi dok check email -reply email jo kojo ni..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Educational toys Part3

Masyukkkk dah kan?heheh
Jom jom jalan2 tengok puzzles

1. Baby Puzzle.
Age 12+month
Haaaa..Ini lah dia baby puzzle yang saya dok cakapkan semalam.
Specially for 12+month.
Saya tengok cam Lady Bird, tapi kat box tu cakap turtoisse.
Tanya Mia..Mia cakap turtle.
So jom namakan puzzle ni Baby Turtoisse Puzzle.
Ada 4 ekor semua dalam satu box.

Each turles represents one Number

Contohnya macam Turtle#1.
So ada satu slot..and satu hole.

And the rest follow la..
Turtle#2 ada 2 slots untuk di masukkan ke dalam 2 holes
Turtle #3 (3 slots and 3 holes)
Turtle #4 (4 slots and 4 holes)
So consider kids pun boleh learn skali about number jugalah by playing this baby puzzle.

Tengok aksi Mak encek yang tgh main sambil terkankang

Ini standard ye..Bagi lah apa2 kat Mia ni..
Semuanya dia leh boleh buat stacking stackin.
Agaknya Mia besar nanti leh jadi architek kan.
Suka betul design bangunan.
Oppssss..its totally not edible ya..
But its a safe toys with the MC logo.
2. Number Train Block

Just connect all the block number together and it will transform as a long train.
Boleh juga dimainkan as a singgle train.
hehehe..kalau dah malas nak connect so leh la main je
Easy and fun way to teach the kids about Number
3. Alphabet Train
Age 3+

Sama juga macam Number Train tu..just lagi panjang la..
Number train ada 10+1 je block
Alphabet Train ada 26+1 block.
4. 123 Puzzles
Age 2+

5. Mix Puzzles (Food,Animals and Fruit)
Age 2+

Menarikkannn semua2 puzzles kat atas ni..So if interested, just email me at

Seperti need to buy two items in order to get FREE POSTAGE.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Before saya start nak cerita pasal puzzle..
Just nak update lah..all the blocks..dah SOLD OUT ye..
If you guys are interested for pre-order just email me at

Tapi tak sure bila boleh restock lagi.Anything i will update in here.

Ok..lets start.
Haritu dah cerita pasal the advantages playing with block toys kan.
So today nak ngomel sket pasal puzzles toys.

These toys are one of the best child educational toy you can give to your tots for a considerably low price.

Antara advantages playing puzzle ni adalah..

1.Puzzles Improve Motor Skills
Young children need to learn to grasp and hold objects. Puzzles can be a great way to develop and improve motor skills since they require a toddler to hold and manipulate a relatively small object. Try a peg or block puzzle which both have pieces a child will need to grab and hold on to in order to complete the picture or game.

2.They Improve Cognitive Skills
A toddler can improve their cognitive skills - in particular their problem solving and reasoning skills - with puzzles. They can help to teach color and shape recognition, to get a better understanding of the relationship of a part to the whole and can even teach them things like letters, numbers, animal names and more depending upon the theme.

3.They Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
Puzzles require a child to place an object in a precise location. To fit the piece they usually must manipulate it, try it out, move it around and finally fit it in its place. This is a great way to develop hand-eye coordination and to improve their skills as they master fitting pieces where they should go.

Haaaaa..baguskan puzzle ni..Allowing children to play with puzzles at an early age can greatly aid in their childhood education and help them develop skills that they can use later in their lives
Sekarang ni dah macam2 jens puzzle kat market.Tak macam masa saya kecik2 dulu.The only puzzle yang saya tahu adalah jigsaw puzzle.Adalah sangat tidak berapa sesuai untuk di intro buat toddle 1-3yo.

Antara types of puzzles yang ada for range kids age 1-3 are as below:

1. Wooden Puzzle.

Ada peg/knob utk senangkan toddler pegang and masukkan.
It can teach the kids about 123-shape-colors.
The pieces fit loosely, so they're not too hard for small hands to put together.
Age 2yo.
2.Cube puzzle.
Dah mcm jigsw sket,tp much more easier kut untuk completekan gambar.
Suit for 3yo.
3.Baby Puzzle
Suitable for 12month+
Ini yang susah sket nak jumpa.Mostly age 2 and above banyaklah variety of puzzle yang ada kan.
The good thing is saya dah jumpa set baby puzzle yang sangat interesting for baby 12month.
Tapi tinggal 3 sets je .
Nanti nantilah saya reveal kan ok.
Belum amik gambar lagi..tapi excited nak cerita kat sini.
So kira post ni as a teaser je lah ok.
But if anyone yang ada kids range 12-18month and interested nak beli..boleh email saya for details ye.
4. Foam puzzle.
Material lembut cam cushion.
Age 2yo+
BTW..set Wooden puzzle and Cube Puzzle kat atas saya dah tambah stock.
Anyone yang interested to purchase just email me at
1. 123 Woodern Puzzle RM16
2. Mix Woodern Puzzle RM17
3. Foam Puzzle RM15.50

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Selamat atau Tidak

Terjumpa with below articles in Sinar Harian last two days ago.
Regarding Mainan Selamat..

Safe with dangerous plumbum yang leh akibatkan kerosakkan otak and even death.
Saftey toys dari segi sharp edge, tali yang tidak mengikut safety length of toys.
And banyak lagi..
Risau especially age 1-2yo ni kan mmg pantang jumpa toys.
Semua nak masuk mulut.semua nak rasa.
So better lah dont belikan toys yang murah2 made in China kat pasar malam untuk diorang.

Not to say toys made in China tak bagus or whatsoevar.
Even sekarang kalau masuk Toy r us pun..mostly semua toys dalam tu made in China kan.
So kita as bapak2 ibuk2..harus pandai lah memilih.

Just check for the MC logo on the toys.
All safe toys akan ada MC logo tu..
Short form for Comformity Mark..or Malaysian Conformity.
If takde sticker MC ni..toksah beli ok..
Since Mia baby2 lagi..Hubby and me sangat sangat fussy nak beli toys untuk dia.
Takut sangat nak beli yang bukan2.
Sbb masa tu dah ada case kids yang mati sebab tergigit paint dekat toys.
And Mia pula suka masukkan stuff dalam mult.
So mmg tak beli lah..
Sampai lah we all terjumpa with our toys supplier ni.
Safe toys yang murah.
Mula2 try for Mia..and she loved it just like any toddler does..
By the way just to update..
The Block puzzle Part 2 tinggal 3 design je lagi..3 design more dah sold out.

1. Button and Beads (3sets available)

2. Screw and Nuts (2 sets available)

3. Animal Connect (1set available)

As usual,to order just email me at

Sets yang dah sold out.

1. Flower Links
2. Beads and Lace
3. Creative Block
4. Changing bear
5. Family Changing Bear
6. Hexa puzzle.

Will try to find more interesting+fun+smart and the most important thing is SAFE toys for your kiddies in the future ya..
Thanks for the order..
Happy Monday everyone

Friday, February 18, 2011

Almost Sold Out

1. Creativ Blocks
2. Beads and Lace
1. Screw and Nuts
2. Flower Links
3. Animal connect
4. Button and Lace..
So hurry2 booked now..
Stock dah tinggal 1-2 sets je now..
Just nak clarify..all items ni ada safety warranty ye..
Mean..dia punya paint and material is safe ..takde chemical yang bahaya punya..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jom Main (1sx sahaja ye)

Hah..seperti yang dijanjikan Part 2 pula menyusul.
Educational Toys yang part 2 lebih kepada Block toys.
Tapi lebih creative and fun to play with la.
Block toys ni bagus tau untuk kita introduce as early as 1 year old.
Antara advantages nya adalah
Motor skills and hand-eye coordination
They can build into whichever model they like.
Unlimited possibilities for building fun
Helping develop children's imagine the space
.Children could learn about colors and shape as well.
Saya baca..research kat toddler yang main block ni..will be good in Math..yeahhh
Cakap banyak tak guna..jom layan piccas..

1. Beads and Lace
For starting diorang akan main block ni stack2 jadi rumah je.

Then kita leh suruh dia asingkan beads by shape or colors.

Mula2 kita buat layer first utk yellow beads..then kita suruh lah diorang carik yellow beads yang lain..
Then start with other colors pula..

Part nak masukkan tali dalam lubang beads agak mencabar la sket.
Tapi lama2 pasti pandai.
For Mia's case..dia dah leh masukkan tali tu dalam bead's hole.
Tapi saya kena tolong tarik bagi tali tu keluar.
Faham tak?

Then leh pretend play as a neclace/gelang or whatso evar..
Fun kann..

2. Creative Block

Ada tyres and pipes.
Boleh buat kereta, Boleh buat robot.
For boys sesuai kut.
Tapi Mia cam suka je main .

Senang je nak assembly all the pieces together.
Ikut ke creativitian individu ye.
Macam macam leh buat.

Masih lagi dengan tyres and the blocks.

Cubaan untuk memasukkan paip dalam roda.

Connect kan macam ni..Macam macam cara leh buat.
Sebab tu namanya Creative Blocks..ikut suka nak buat apa
3. Flower Links

Yang ni paling Mia minat and suka nak main.
Lama la dia main before dia start suruh buka Timmy Time.

Just connect each flower together like this.
No need so much force..
Sket je dah leh connect.
Focus please!

Boleh buat flower

And juga pokok bunga..
Ini hasil mommy ye..
Mia tolong sket2 je..
Best tau main ni..saya pun suka..
4. Animals Connect.
Material untuk jenis ni macam getah.Boleh di lentok2.
So boleh connect pegang tangan cenggini.
Mia takleh nak buat lagi toys ni.
Next year mungkin boleh..heheheh
Juga boleh si sambungkan perut ke perut..wahhh!

Holding hands together.

Mia just asingkan ikut color je lah.
Ok what..

Kalau nak suruh dia sambungkan..kena ada robort arm..heheh
Kena tolonglah pegang animals yang satu lagi.
Then baru dia boleh sambungkan.
Nampak tangan Mommy Mia yang bak bunting padi tu..
Boleh jadi kan Tiara juga..
Taraaa...sebab dia getah boleh di lentok2 kan sesuka hati..

Nice kann...
Refer previous post for details matter..Or CLICK HERE for price and details.
Stocks are very2 limited..tak tipu punya..
So hurry hurry..
Place your order to
Saya faham tengah2 bulan ni mana nak ada duit beli toys kan.
So u can booked and pay after 28hb.
I will reserve the items for you..
Hurry not much left already..

Educational Toys for sale Part 2

Best for Children Choice: -
This kind of educational toys can help your child to develop:

1.Motor skills and hand-eye coordination
They can build into whichever model they like.Unlimited possibilities for building fun
Helping develop children's imagine the space.
Children could learn about colors and shape as well.

2.Spatial skills
Spatial skills involve the ability to understand problems involving physical spaces, shapes, or forms

3. Creative problem-solving skills
Because kids can put together blocks in a variety of ways, block play is divergent play. And divergent play with blocks may prepare kids to think creatively and better solve divergent problems.

4. Social skills,
Research suggests that kids become friendlier and more socially-savvy when they work on cooperative construction projects. For example, autistic kids who attended play group sessions with toy blocks made greater social improvements than did kids who were coached in the social use of language.

5. Language skills.
It could be that kids who spent more time playing with blocks also had more opportunities to talk with their parents.The parents of these toddlers were given instructions for encouraging block play.
Alternatively, block-play itself might help kids develop skills important for language development--like the ability to plan and recognize cause-and-effect sequences.
Moreover, kids can integrate their own constructions into pretend play scenarios. And there is evidence that complex block-play is linked with advanced math skills in later life.
Info above taken from HERE
So there are 6 choices of sets are with me now.(Differ in Age)
1. Flower Links
Age 1+

2. Creative Block (36pcs)
Age : 1+

3. Beads and Lace (44pcsof beads + 8pcs of Lace)
Age 1+

4. Animals Connect (36pcs)
Age 3+

5. Butons and Lace (44pcs Button + 6pcs Lace)
Age : 2+

6. Screw and Nuts (32 pcs)
Age: 3+
So apa lagi u olsss..Banyak advantages bila kita introduce anak main dengan this type of toys.
Especially during their early age ni.
Place your order here.
If you buy more than 1, i can give you free postage.
If not..need to add RM6
Very limited stock as well ya..
First come first serve.