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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rotate to match blocks (12+month old toddler)

New toys for 12+ month old baby.

'Rotate to match Blocks'

Each shapes fits in a precise location,

and the baby may have to rotate the blocks pieces in the slots.

As they rotate or flip the blocks to make it fit in the puzzle,they will be forced to think in 3 dimensions.They will have to think outside their concrete toughts.(what they can see right now) and consider abstract thought (whether the puzzle will fit if they rotate it)

Good quality wooden blocks.

Of course comes with colorful blocks.

Skills : Problem solving,Manipulating Skills,Colors and Thinking skills
Improve their hands and eyes co-ordination as well

Ready stocks.



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  1. Assalam..kalau nak order ni brape lama ye nak dpt?

  2. if confirm the next day saya post sampailah