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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hen Find Egg (5+)

New IQ Puzzle games series in da house.

"Hen find eggs"

For kids agee 5-99years old.

Dah jadi atok pun boleh main game ni lagi.

The rule is simple.

The hen must be nesting the egg.

And not the other way around.

The advantages of the games listed from the above picture.

This sets includes of

1. Upper side : located 5 pieces of puzzle. 4 pcs got hens and the other 1 are empty puzzle

2. Lower side : where you place the board card (48 cards available)

3. 48 question card (positions of the eggs that required the hen to nest it)

Your kids need to SHUFFLE the hens around the board until there is one hen nesting on each eggs.

Interesting and very chalengging.


Add RM6 for postage.


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Rocking Balancing Bears

The most interesting wooden toys to play with your 3+ kids at home.

"Rocking Balancing Bears"

One set consist of
1. 1 papa bear
2. 4 mommy bears
3. 4 baby bears
(sesuka hati je kan)

How to play?
Your kids need to balance all the mama and baby bears on top of the papa bears.
Serious best.

The papa bear is in rocking position.Not fix.
So it really need focus and IQ on how to balance the bears from falling down.

A lot of ways for your kids to try on.

Can teach them about colors too.

Plus with the hand and eyes co ordination.

Its not as easy as it looks.

Try by yourself happy family bears

Can change the order of the bears too..

It doesnt matter how you want to arrange the bears...the most important thing don drop it..!

Includes is the manual book.

Kids can discover themself and try all the order one by one.

From easy-expert shapes are includes together in the booklet.



RM39 per sets.

Add rm6 for postage


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Puzzle Blocks (3+)

Puzzle blocks wooden toys for Kids age 3+

1 sets consist of
1. The blocks shapes (The colorful one)
2. The blocks base (The black +brown)
3. Storing bag.

How to play?

1. Arrange the blocks base in any orders that you like.

2. Ask your kids to fill up the blocks shapes into the blocks base.

The bag for easy storing.

Colorful and various of shape too.

Mix shapes actullay (Animals +shapes+building+cars+tree and etc)

At the back of the base blocks, there are word too for spelling lesson.

Once you kids master the first part of the game.

You can turn the base (spelling) and ask you kids to match with the blocks shape.

2+1 games..

Very nice and very smart toys.


Add RM6 for postage


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Baby tower Blocks (12m)

Baby tower blocks for you liltle toddler.

Consist of 6 types of various shapes wooden blocks.

Toddler can arrange the blocks based on their creativity.
They can change the baby tower as what they like.

Lets stake and build the body using the blocks.
Lets learn about colors too.

Once your toddle just finish the design.

Ask them why they build it that way..

Why the baby wear hat..and etc

"Show and tell" learning method.


Add rm6 for postage


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Connecting Toys : Gear Builder (2-6y)

New addition to Connecting series Toys

"Gear Builder"

Unlimited shapes and design to be build and connect.

They can learn about colors too.

And you can teach them about numbers and quantity.


Connect 5 pcs gear..and asked your kids to connect the same quantity.

You can add the number bit by bit.

Ala2 Flower link generations juga lah.

Just more fun .

You can asked your kids to separate the gears into colors.


Add RM6 for postage ya..


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