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Monday, September 28, 2015

Smart Intelligent Toys

Children need constant stimulation. Providing stimulating and fun activities provides children with the opportunity to explore their world in a safe environment

Infants are observing all that is around them and learning from their environment.  During infancy, the most stimulating toys are made out of black and white. 
This is also the time that the child will be putting toys into his mouth.When choosing a toy make sure that the materials are non toxic
Parents should also make sure that there are no small buttons or pieces that the child can swallow and choke

Around twelve months of age, the infant will start to walk.  The best educational toys at this time are those that make sounds and have bright colors

At 18m to 3y , it will become important to provide the child with educational toys that teach fine motor and manipulation skills

By 3 years onward,children need educational toys that teach basic reading and math skills.This is such as connecting toys, puzzle games and even blocks.
Have your child group together stones, sticks, etc.  In this way you will be teaching your child how to add and subtract.

By providing your child with educational toys and activities; you are giving them an opportunity to learn basic life skills. Children who have educational toys are less bored and more likely to stay out of trouble.

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