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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update on Part3

Educational Toys Part3 as mentioned in previous post..

1. Baby Turtoisse Puzzle SOLD OUT
2. Alphabets Train SOLD OUT
3. 123-Train 1 more stock left
4. Mix Puzzle 1 more stock left
5. 123 Puzzle 2 more stock left.

Those yang dah email for baby puzzle and alphabets puzzle..i will take it as a pre order ya..
Nanti stock baru sampai..i will email you guys personally before i update kat blog..

To purchase just email me at

p/s Nurul and June tak sempat nak reply your me for details ok..

Seronok pula bizness macam ni..tapi untung mmg ciput gila..
Tadi i post barang ni..happy sbb bila kira2 untung dapat dalam rm15..hahah..tetiba postage dah rm12..wahh..untung rm3 je..duit minyak pun tak lepas tau nak drive dari UKM Komuter ke Poslaju tu..tapi saya puas hati sbb ..hurmm ..sbb apa eh saya puas hati?..sbb saya puas hati lahh..full stop..hahah..

Ok nak sambung study..dari tadi dok check email -reply email jo kojo ni..

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